About Me

Victor Melo

Computer science enthusiast, with a focus on software engineering. I remember about 11 years old, watching “Spy Kids 3", where the protagonists enter a game and, at a certain moment, “the programmers” appear, as strong and fearless characters. This and other references from films and games for a young nerd were the best. I became interested in the world of programming in a very subtle way. At 16 I created my own GTA San Andreas server online, creating scripts in a language called Pawn when I didn't even know what a script or programming logic was. Why does it matter? Because I found myself a programmer before I even knew anything about this area. Coming from a family in a peripheral neighborhood of Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, my goal is to become the best software engineer possible to achieve my two career purposes: 1. Create systems where I can challenge myself applying my computer science knowledge. 2. Given the heated labor market in the area of ​​software engineering, being able to use my knowledge and didactics to make quality content available to young people from the periphery, giving them career opportunities that can change the lives of their families.